Rank Promotions

Congratulations, after a strong performance at the tournament, and regular training, the following rank promotions have been made:

Micah: ro kyu, 1st degree purple belt

Pete: ni kyu, 2nd degree brown belt


attitude, attendance, ability!

Boise Kei Shin Kan Tournament Results!

Boise Kei Shin Kan had a strong showing at the Mountain Home Okinawan Karate Tournament!


Micah, 1st place white belt kata

Pete, 2nd place, brown belt kata

Mark, 2nd place, green belt kata

Brittney, 1st place, women’s green belt kata


JD, 2nd place, adult colored belt

Mark, 1st place,  adult colored belt

Pete, 1st place, adult brown belt

Britney, 2nd place, women’s green belt


US Branch of Japan Keishinkan Karate